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We produce world-class bulletproof glass with our innovative and R&D works with continuity and with total quality management system. 
Our bulletproof glass is much thinner than standard bulletproof glass, thus it provides more protection with less.
We produce world-class bulletproof glasses and have a test certificate with internationally validity according to EN 1063 European Union Directive. We are producing on project basis in NIJ and STANAG standards. 

  • Bulletproof building glasses
  • Bulletproof armoured vehicle glasses
  • Bulletproof naval vessel glasses
  • Bulletproof construction equipment glasses
  • Bulletproof security cabinet glasses


7.62 x 51 mm Nato Bullet


12,7 mm Uçaksavar Mermisi


12,7 mm anti-aircraft gun bullet

Hakkari / Turkey Mountain Commando Brigade Firing Test